Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What Is Lupus More Condition_symptoms How Do You Recognise A Lupus Rash? I Know Butterfly Pattern But More Detail Please?

How do you recognise a lupus rash? I know butterfly pattern but more detail please? - what is lupus more condition_symptoms

Is it dry? addressed? Subtleties? Their reaction to creams, etc.?

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  1. Although only one in three people with lupus acts, the most common skin problem associated with the disease, a rash shaped butterfly (malar rash) that develops in the cheeks and nose. A skin rash can be flat or raised cheekbone and May are full or red patches in the affected areas. Some people with lupus develop skin lesions (), subacute cutaneous lesions, which, like pimples at first, but eventually turn scaly and itchy, while other large, flat, itchy lesions with clear centers. Both types of lesions usually appear after exposure to sunlight. Still others develop a clear, red, raised rash (discoid rash) on face, neck, chest or scalp. A disk-shaped rash is usually thick and scaly scars last May, days or years, and often leaves hypopigmented or hyperpigmentation. This outbreak is the only symptom in people with the discoid form of lupus. In a small percentage of cases, people with lupus may develop a mild version of SLE.