Friday, November 6, 2009

Foot Pain More Condition_symptoms Outside How To Reduce Foot Pain, Leg Pain And Back Pain While Standing At Work For A Long Time?

How to reduce foot pain, leg pain and back pain while standing at work for a long time? - foot pain more condition_symptoms outside

Hello to all.
I wonder if anyone can give me advice on how to relieve you walk the pain, leg pain and back pain at work at work.

Thank you! : (

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  1. Yusofa's 3 Tribes & 2 ClansNovember 11, 2009 at 12:54 AM

    When arrested have one foot larger than another, it really works, because even a level 3 "to 5" can make a difference if he crosses his arms. If you are certain to get soft-soled shoes as a pillow. Try exercises such as walking on his toes for a minute. Sitting on a chair, get to stretch your legs and feet all the way forward, then all the way (can someone help you) where to stretch tendons and muscles that are used in a way that the whole day.

    Swimming with the help of Epson salts (of course with GP). ) Make-up (through blood tests have the correct balance of potassium, magnesium and calcium, to keep the pain away. Emphasized by two meters of the wall, hold the wall and leaning against the wall to help with the loosening of the arms, legs. Also foot massage feet to the knees. Stay hydrated.

    If you can not take a break, put your feet, if possible, higher than the heart, helps blood circulation. If your feet swell sure you have good shoes can be found in the GP to ensure that they do not lie about a disease is based. Compression ActionsContinue to help meetings for men and women available to the fluids in the legs and feet (see notes GP).

    Back pain actually requires the exercise and ensure that there is nothing wrong medically first. A lot of pressure on your feet all day. Swimming is a relief is good, yoga and massage. In general, people who do not eat good additions, but you eat well? Balance your meals with vegetables, fresh vegetables, some meat and beer. Too much calcium as dairy products can cause an accumulation in the blood, so that balance is very important. Try to stay away from corn products, it seems that some people on their feet the whole time, reduction of maize are not help, but do not yet know why.

    Sometimes, my son, when he on his feet all day, said he feels has been hit by a truck, God forbid, but bike tours and makes foreigners with different muscles helps work overload, try. If you have a medical problem, sometimes a hobby like bowling can make a difference, how to move or move the whole day, all the needs of working muscles.

    If you're tired, do not put your feet, legs and foot cushions for back and chill out.