Friday, November 20, 2009

Mount & Blade Color Bug Computer Graghics/drivers/hardware Issue?

Computer graghics/drivers/hardware issue? - mount & blade color bug

I formatted just installed new Windows 2004 on my laptop Dell M70 "Now I have to play redownloaded the game .. "Mount and Blade," "Second Life" and I can not touch, ride and keeps the blade in the Start menu and dosent let me connect to the name of Second Life .. i "Second Life can not be performed because the video card driver is not installed correctly, are obsolete or that the material is not supported, and Evan, if you have the latest attempt to re-install. ""?!?! When I load the driver is blinking in confusion, "I have a Quadro FX 1400 graphics card or somthing graghix I think NIVIDIA makes NIVIDIA I remember when I change the resolution or bit color before formatting. Has anyone a link for me? lol .. I am so angry that I Wana playyyy

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