Monday, November 2, 2009

Tongue Cancer More Condition_symptoms Is There A Forum Or Group For Those Of Us Who Have Tongue Cancer?

Is there a forum or group for those of us who have tongue cancer? - tongue cancer more condition_symptoms

I lost 2 / 3 of tongue cancer and I am fed into a stomach tube. My problem is more mucus in my mouthI've said that the radiation has caused. I want to know how others have tackled this problem ... Some days are better than others, and I do not know why. I am Zrtec and that some help, but it is too ...


  1. The list of oral cancer ACOR currently has 162 members who either have oral cancer or caregivers. I'm sure many people have similar experiences and go through the same treatment. ACOR lists about 100 different types of cancer are reviewed to avoid spam and keep the Riff Raff, I suggest you log on and follow this group. Remember, the archives of the past, which can be very valuable to consult. Good luck ...

  2. Here is an excellent place for you.
    Sign in for discussions and chat room.
    A forum for cancer patients, survivors and their families.
    This is an online forum with a serious debate, discussion somewhat irrelevant, an opportunity to air and have a bit of a wing to the treatment.
    There are people with all types of cancer and I am sure that one of the regulars has cancer of the tongue.
    It was great to talk openly about my cancer because it can be difficult to speak with the family. I just want to clap and say that everything will go well. Here you can their doubts and fears of the people who know show you exactly how you feel.
    It is interesting how treatments and surgical procedures can be heard, unlike in other countries. The members of this forum come from all over the world.
    A very useful this site is for personal pages.
    You can sort and select the sites by sex, age and type of cancer. I just checked and now there are 65 places for people with oral cancer.
    Good luck with your treatment, I hope everything goes well for you.