Thursday, November 5, 2009

Beautiful Agony Alternative Why Is Agony Beautiful??????????

Why is agony beautiful?????????? - beautiful agony alternative

Works such as "Othello", the three parts of Thebes, Julius Caesar and others as well? I also have many poems about nothing but pain and suffering pure and still people call it amazing, and wonderfully written. but I can not argue with them is good, but why?
Here is an example of one of my poems is

Was it worth it?

New information, I speak my mind
A liberal thoughts, anger and pain over time
Caused by broken hearts of many
Oh, the fear that my heart has been stolen

With confidence comes the belief
And you do not trust
Once, when the whole world, as I
How long can I keep

This is not believed to be weak,
The temptation is a test
It is difficult to maintain
What do you think?

You're an Angel
No matter what they say
I thought
Until my heart was stolen

False love, full of good intentions,
Soon filled with visions of the end
Like chalk on the sidewalk
I love to fly with the wind

How often cana heart is broken?
In order not to repair
You throw my heart
Acute pain is too much to take

Oh, agony!
Was it worth it in the end?
All I feel is the temptation
To start

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