Friday, November 6, 2009

Incontinence Pants Fecal How Can I Avoid Socially Awkward Situations Arising From Fecal Incontinence?

How can I avoid socially awkward situations arising from fecal incontinence? - incontinence pants fecal

We have recently learned fecal incontinence. Even if not a leg bag or something to have, I try to avoid embarrassment. I was too embarrassed to seek medical help until their mandate for the next week. I am so much looking for help to cover up to prevent the odor, color, his pants, and usually live only a high quality of working life. My wife knows that if you do not take care of at home. Lately, I have a brown or black pants, so we do not sample through patches. I spray Febreze in my underwear and pants in the morning in anticipation of the chair in his pants. This works well to mask odors, but also irritates the skin and dries. Suggestions would be very helpful if I have a week before the event and long before any kind of treatment could be effective. Sometimes I had to face when working with difficult situations, such as in meetings and someone says: "Did someone shit in your pants?"

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  1. Whether he likes it or not, they make adult diapers. I had to for my mother had Alzheimer's disease. You can until you see the doctor, and lead parts in a bag or bag with you. If you have an accident, you can use it in a plastic bag in the trash.

    Going to the doctor soon. Incontinence can be a serious threat to health.