Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Spondylosis More Condition_symptoms Has Anyone Ever Heard Of Lumbar Or Thoracic Spondylosis?

Has anyone ever heard of lumbar or thoracic spondylosis? - spondylosis more condition_symptoms

I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease in my 20 years. I had lower back pain on and off for the year, but last year for acute and chronic pain. Now I'm 43rd I was on disability and drugs, but nothing seems to help. Physical therapy seemed to worsen the situation. Yesterday I said that the thoracic and lumbar spondylosis and bone spurs and pointed to the injection of the spine. I wonder if anyone else has experienced this? Has he ever? Will I be able to work or return to normal life? I try to stay active, but I have so much pain and often numbness and weakness in the legs. I am very discouraged. If anyone knows anything about this, please tell me what you know. Thank you.


  1. OMG, I have something very close .. It hurts all the time, take medications, injections and I am in the treatment of last resort for that .. melts
    I had 3 shots on the back .. I have a hard budgled is spongylostheis-L4 and L5 are the pain in my left leg, hip up to my feet .. excruciating pain ...
    I do not know what kind of injections into the column will have, but I had an epidural, nerve block, and low blows. Both are only for a short time, the first person ever botherd to numb the area at all, I felt the needle completely into it I wanted to die. That was a joke! I felt good for a week, so .. The second was a little better, but not really doing much good, the pain was gone for about 2-3 weeks maybe .. that it does not hurt as bad as the previous ...
    the last ... was what they called a block shot, and was involved .. I found myself with a headache in the week .. I felt so bad .. But I feel much better for more ..... it was great ... I hurt my leg, etc, etc. .. But soon, maybe after a month Mor

  2. Spondylosis (not to be confused with spondylolysis or spondylolisthesis) is the same as disc degeneration.

    Degenerative disc disease is misleading, because degneration disc is a normal process. In fact, the approximately 30% of the population free of pain for at least a degenerative disc disease when they are 30th As it until 60 years, nearly 100%. In other words, the mere presence of a degenerative disc disease is no real impact on whether a person signs. This does not mean that the disc degeneration ... in particular an unusual amount of degeneration of the age of a person ... May not cause symptoms. What I do not know exactly why two people who may have the same amount of degeneration to feel, quite different symptoms (or nothing).

    Gelinde said, we know that chronic back pain is multifactorial. The strongest links with chronic LBP (in addition to the physical evidence ... it's not really correlate well with symptoms) include obesity, smoking, poor coping skills, depression, anxiety,poor job satisfaction. One can speculate why, but influenced in a few words, our mind is our grief and our body, the smoke just terrible things to our bodies, metabolic disorders, not just physically. So just try to treat the symptoms of "physical" is usually not sufficient and we need to search the whole human being.

    However, injections, pain management, physical therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, etc. are all options for the treatment of chronic LBP. There is an answer ... What is the one in another can not. We need your car to treatment and proactive solutions and not easily find something that "no".

    Many people with your condition can be managed through regular injections.

    Good luck.