Thursday, November 5, 2009

Get Free Mount & Blade Code What Video Game Should I Get?

What video game should i get? - get free mount & blade code

my birthday is in a few days and want a good game to get even. I have an xbox360 and a computer reallly good. Heres what im in:
I can * MMO online i love my freinds (play before: Spore, WoW, Flyff, Fate, Mount & Blade, Contigo goal of perfect world, some 20 others are free THT), when I wouldent nothing in the budget . but I wish I had a long history in the game and not one of those games for two years or be really good in this game like World of Warcraft
* For the X-Box .. I really want to go into a game that needs the FÖV for a win and the 2-player co-op or something. I really thought of Fable 2, anyone know if it's worth buying? Personally, I liked Red Galaxy for PlayStation 2 a few years. I like a game like this, that even for two players, please help find them? = D

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