Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Moisture Indicator Phone I Have The LG Voyager. How Do You Know If It Has Water Damage?

I have the LG Voyager. How do you know if it has water damage? - moisture indicator phone

In the battery of my phone and "moisture" indicator stickers have (purple on drums) X pink, and (by telephone) X profile.
I was looking for an explanation, and I can not find something that will help me.
It is assumed that the little red x in the battery and the purple, x damage to the phone, ie referred to the water by another person with the same problem, Verizon.
I also discovered that it is normal for a red cross and the others have the purple x's.
So do not believe that there is a water damage, but my phone is still acting up.
Since the screen is dark, and gradually make it gray.
Or make the red line through it.
I've heard that if it turns damage to the blood color of the label is all red or purple.
How do I know what to believe?
Please and thank you very much. : D

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