Saturday, February 13, 2010

Remove Write Protect Usb Flash Drive My USB Flash Drive AVIXE 512MB Is Write-protexted. How Can I Remove The Write Protection?

My USB flash drive AVIXE 512MB is write-protexted. how can I remove the write protection? - remove write protect usb flash drive

My friend borrowed
when I came back
I can not delete or save files in that
Example of this disk is write protected. Remove the write protection "
I do not know how
Please help


  1. There is usually a switch (usually very small and without labels) to the USB key. May accidentally change the settings. Find and change settings.

  2. Another thing is to check, click on the drive and see if the permissions are set correctly. It can be read-only. In addition, the other posts about everything.

  3. I saw two types of write protection for the Flash --

    1. Equipment - There is no slipping small cut on the side of the camera, sliding on the page is read and pick up the other side - the protection.

    2. Software - It is an exe on the flash drive (which is installed with the product), for example, Pass.exe who allegedly carried out automatically when you connect the device to connect to. In some cases, the AutoPlay feature is not working, so you can run it by double clicking on the EXE file - If you run, you will be prompted for a password to unlock.

    The first is simple - it is a protective material such as drives, but if it is a protection software, you need the password (ask your friends around) for the write protection.

    Hope this helps.

  4. simple
    You will find a small button on the keychain
    This is a small harmless in view of the hardware you need to take a picture of a castle, to (closed) and a lock (open)
    the position of the castle, then insert the flash drive
    and it is ready! UR ready to use unit