Friday, February 19, 2010

Nerf Gun Cake Any Suggestions On Making A Nerf Gun Cake?

Any suggestions on making a Nerf gun cake? - nerf gun cake

Usually I am asked, can make cakes for the members of my family's birthday fun. It all started when I was a daisy cake made for my mother, and a volcano cake for my son. I love this event, as I am doing very well with traditional desserts. I was asked to make a cake for Nerf Gun nephew, a birthday party this weekend nerves. I researched and am having trouble finding a reference. I printed several pictures of Nerf Guns, and I'll try. You will probably have to bake two cakes, and cut them and put them in a form of weapon? I thought someone would have some ideas that have not thought of. Anyone have any suggestions? Please?


  1. That sounds like a challenge, but if they are not set up a round cake as a target. a cookie balls tube.

  2. If you put your heart into a particular weapon, I recommend a big Nerf weapon, the "Razor Beast% ( ... It is so big that you can use most Cake # 1 as the base, and add bits.

    Of machine-gun ammunition, I recommend you buy (or) some of these cookies and glasses of sugar intake pipe to bond with them. Use a silver basis for the group.