Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Detail Parts Of Vigina Could It Be A Girl?? Dr Giving Me The Runaround?

Could it be a girl?? Dr giving me the runaround? - detail parts of vigina

Ok I went to 20 weeks detailed ultrasound U / s tech said that seeing the baby in the legs, but is not sure) on the lips (/ Venn lips, but when the doctor arrived, she said she couldnt say. Ok I'm back to 21 weeks for my regular Dr. and if asked, but I us machine that is not good, she said, but she told me to insert during couldnt c the parties or children, but said that he could not say, even if it a girl or a boy safe. What is going on, what ???????????? yall


  1. Cadence Jade's MommyFebruary 24, 2010 at 3:36 AM

    I think your child is not told in the correct position. A really good doctor must be honest and say if they can not know with certainty the sex of your baby. I prefer to say it, dont really know, she talks about sex, and some of the others. If you really want to know, so go the 3D ultrasound is always an option. I went to a to 24 weeks. It cost me around $ 200, but I have seen my child for an hour and a guarantee that is if you couldnt see the race in 1 hour and reached again for free. My little girl has finally revealed for all to see its parts and technology, he said, without a doubt, I have a girl.

  2. This was done to my beautiful sister recently. The baby was never in the right position to say with certainty, but it was suspected a girl. I would say it's probably a girl, especially if you have not seen anything that looks like boy parts! :) I think it's always easy to distinguish.