Friday, February 12, 2010

Leg Is Sore Blue Spot Howrse Riding Level 4, Please Help!!!?

Howrse riding level 4, please help!!!? - leg is sore blue spot

1 - Horses can be allergic to bee stings

2 - What is Candida?
Excessive rolling by the horse done
An infection in one part of the hoof of the horse as the frog
Lack of raw areas of skin on the back
A deep bruising under the skin

3 - What are some signs that your horse has eaten a poisonous plant?
Rapid Eye Movement
The amount of excess energy
Breathing problems
Loss of interest in food

4 - What is the Rhino Virus?
A disease, rhinos
A horse flu
A disease passed between horses and reptiles
All of these

5 - Horses born with SCID virus:
One eye is blue
No hair on their knees
No immuneTEM
Severe eye disorders

6 - What are the causes of mud fever?
A wobbling every time the horse moved
A sharp increase in body temperature
Painful sores and scabs on the legs of the horse
The black spots that develop in the horse's head and neck

7 - If your horse is throwing a shoe while riding what should I do?
Helmet with a cotton pad and wrap it securely
Continues, the horse will be fine
Keep calling the horse still and immediately to the vet
Try the shoes on the nail

8 - What are the signs that your horse may have West Nile virus?
All of these
Inability to swallow
The paralysis of the hind

1 comment:

  1. 1. True
    2. Infection from one part of the hoof as the frog
    3. could be anything, but I would say that the difficulty in breathing
    4. and equine influenza
    5. no immune system (the cells do not produce B or T)
    6. Painful sores and scabs on the legs of horses (grease heel)
    7. Helmet with a cotton pad and wrap it securely
    8. all