Saturday, February 6, 2010

Jeans Boys Boxers Wedgies How Do I Wear My Boxers?

How do i wear my boxers? - jeans boys boxers wedgies

lol, the boxers have a tendency today for young people. and omitted from the sensation.
I prefer my clothes, then use the boxers, and pulled my jeans and boxers, then put just in my jeans?

I feel very strange when I first. and very uncomfortable. So, how?


  1. Only boxers and his jeans.

  2. Only boxers mate, no underwear. Boxers get the equipment they are wayy sexier than silky boxers. But Don, t, Cute underwear underneath.

  3. lol Boxer and genes is more comfortable.

  4. No, just wear em in the head and be cool.