Friday, February 5, 2010

Gum Infection With Fever If You Have Gum Infection & Goes Away When Taken Antibiotics Does Tooth Still Need To Come Out?

If you have Gum Infection & goes away when taken antibiotics does tooth still need to come out? - gum infection with fever

Ive taken Metranadzil and infection of the gums is well, was near the back of the wisdom teeth AD, but only because he does not mean infection of the gums and teeth that you need to extract what they do? Thank you.


  1. Sometimes solving the problem of antibiotics and no further treatment is required.

  2. When I drop him anyway, yes, definitely be called NT, if the well is when they will pull now.Anyway on the back.

  3. necessarily.but if gum disease is with recurrent tooth ur THN often seek