Sunday, February 14, 2010

Absorption Of Lightldr How Are Absorption And Emission Lines Produced In A Stellar Spectrum?

How are absorption and emission lines produced in a stellar spectrum? - absorption of lightldr

What are the information might absorption lines in a star's spectrum show a cloud of cold gas between us and the star?


  1. Stars is a continuum of wavelengths of light to you.

    The light is through the cold gas.

    absorb photons of very specific wavelengths, and stores energy in the form of an orbit with high energy electrons (the atoms are "excited")

    These wavelengths in the spectrum (not that could be absorbed).

    The excited atoms can not stay forever. Finally, the electrons return to their "ground state" (the lowest energy orbital). This release of a photon of wavelength corresponds exactly to the lower energy (and wavelength, which is absorbed when it is excited).

    Normally, when the star is still behind the clouds when it occurs, lost in the glow of the stars.

    In practice, where a ghost shows directly (to the stars and the others are a little later and use) a device to direct light from the star block.

    Each element has (a different pattern of release and absorption) wavelengths. In fact, each electron orbiting at predetermined levels. The electron can not have the energy of a photon with exactly the right amount of energy.

    The energy of a photon is directly related to the wavelength. If the photon is a bit higher (or lower) in the fields of energy, the elementscTRON they can not use. Ignore it and the photon reactions continue until it reaches your telescope.

    Then, when the electron "falls" in his state. You can do so only through specific levels. They do not fall into random orbits in the middle.

  2. A star emits light in a continuous spectrum in all directions, some of us.
    When light passes through a cloud of cold gas, the atoms in the cloud absorbs certain wavelengths that correspond to the orbital position of states (energy levels) of electrons from atoms. The energy for the individual atoms are different, almost like a fingerprint. The absorption of light, the electrons move into a higher energy level - for a while. Finally, re-emit electrons, the absorbed energy as light and fall into a lower energy state. These newly issued light emitted in all directions, so that only a small part will be for us. So absorbing, in essence, the cold gas, light of certain wavelengths, these wavelengths, "disappear" into the spectrum of thand the stars.
    Is by analyzing the wavelengths that are missing, and compare them with the known wavelengths of gas measured in a laboratory, the gas atoms can be easily determined.

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