Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rat Torture Do You Think Scientists Are Getting More And More Disturbing With New Ways To Torture Lab Animals And Humans?

Do you think scientists are getting more and more disturbing with new ways to torture lab animals and humans? - rat torture

I Spazrats showed me an online news article about some scientists who introduced a circuit board to control in a rat brain, who is ill.
They hope that one day it can be used in humans.


  1. Yes, I believe, some scientists ignore the ethics of experimentation.
    I do not ever compromise on ethics, so my experience is a success.
    Animals and humans feel pain and take control of their offense.

  2. I can see how it is that some patients ...
    But look what I found in humans.
    What will be the next invention!
    Computers are now changeing but to invent something!
    What to do if the chip is life, people are saving, because some lame dude try it on a rat, but maybe one day carry people from the coma!
    If this is absurd, but we do not know unless we try!

    But I look on the bright side!
    But what if they started to this baby .... Now put ummmm, I think bad thoughts! May and it will be too!

    on all the evidence is good, it is sad when animals die or receive any muliation but at least it's not my story of how they died so close to me!

    And if we take these things in the plant half the village head and give us peace of the world! ?

  3. In Victorian times, it was much worse for people and animals. Horrible experience were committed in the name of science since the beginning of scientific experiments. Something is really nothing new.

  4. I would like to see the day when animal testing banned forever!
    I thought that what prison was.

  5. Have you read it or experience in the trash after use? It is understood about how the brain signals and how it is transmitted. You have the study for various reasons, wanted one of them, which is a chip that false for humans (amputees) to be able to "add-on" in his brain make use of the sample used as a normal appendix. Can you use are other practical uses? What about people who have the nerve cord injuries?

  6. The point is not torture rats (or humans).

    I do not know exactly what you are referring to, because you forgot to give a link or an explanation, but I think it has to do with finding a solution for people with paralysis in motion again.

  7. I've always been a concern that only one will now receive better care.