Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Canadian Seizure Auction Canadian Government Seizure Auctions?

Canadian Government Seizure Auctions? - canadian seizure auction

Can I look like a couple of links in them? Another possibility, in another post 3 good connections in the U.S. gave in, but do Canadians. With a view to have to buy a good car for cheap ways, and about the auction such things (I have never been in a white), how they work, if it's good, what they sell, how much they sell, etc. .. .


  1. I know the help doen much, but I know it's an auction once or twice a year at the CNE
    I've seen everything: watches, fire trucks
    I'm sorry, but I have no other information
    If you opt for a car, the Internet and local calls as the towing companies have to discard a rule to auctions for vehicles which were not taken after it resumed

    CNE - Canadian Exhibition Nations
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  2. Here is a link to vehicles on eBay.