Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Full Spectrum Lamp Will A Full Spectrum Desk Lamp Work As A Plant Light?

Will a full spectrum desk lamp work as a plant light? - full spectrum lamp

I have a desk lamp, that a full spectrum used. I wondered whether I could reproduce this light that the light of the plant. I plant basil in my room, but do not get much sun in the window. Gardening stores sell different types of fluorescent lamps and full spectrum. Is there a difference in the lamp full spectrum of office and light of the specialized factory?


  1. Work full-spectrum light, but not as effective as a light system. Fires plants are towards the red end of the spectrum, which plants absorb the most biased. The main types of fluorescent lamps are very low in the red part of the spectrum, not doing much for the plants.

    I have grown plants with the help of light from the window of 100 watts (300 watt equivalent) 5500K compact fluorescent lamps, and grew as the sun was full. The most important thing is to burn light into the facility, without.

  2. I doubt it, but you can check the color of light to be listed, then compare. I hope that the power is too low,

  3. No. never work, especially basil.
    Basil hang right out the window somehow.
    I do not love you!