Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hard Laura Do You Think The Laura Ling Confession Seems Bogus?

Do you think the Laura Ling confession seems bogus? - hard laura

It's hard to believe that Laura Ling confessed to the charges and agreed that the sentence was fair. Do you think that the North Korean goevernment did it? Besides, what do you think that life is meaningful for the ladies? She won the Nagorno-Karabakh in a place where it is, as a hell?


  1. I agree sort of Adolf. I can not say with certainty that I think it will be sent to a camp of hell. It will probably be referred to a kind of box, but need not be as bad as North Korea, if they go contrary to the law. I kind of mixed feelings, because they must be punished to the law knew existed, but I think they have the punishment was harsh.

  2. After entering the cave, a rattlesnake, you should expect to get bitten .. The confession is false, Duh, she worked for the National Geographic .. Somehow think that these idiot liberals, you can go for a country like Nutjobs and wait until the change to ask questions .. You can count on a short trial and a long rope or a fastball. Do not get me wrong, I will not, but that's what dictators do.

    It will suppress opposition to power, our "state of implementation" (AP, Reuters, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC stifle the media, the opposition did not tell the whole story and the American Dream and Obama's sheep the consolidation of his power. ABC took over the White House Press Office, MSNBC was the "Pravda" tacet Obama .. The sheep and wake up under a regime of NK live if we have some control is returned to power in Washington. Republicratic the game one party. watching the Treasury and the tax violation, and we stand by and let her go. We still have freedom of expression must be exercised before we lose it.