Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Plus Size Fall Fashion Ads/ Signs For Small Urban Wear Store?

Ads/ Signs for Small Urban Wear store? - plus size fall fashion

I run a small urban clothing store. Our customer base is blacks aged 17 to 35 and sometimes parents shop for their children. We sell brands such as Coogi, Baby Phat, Akademiks, Roca Wear, Miskeen, and I'm advertising for our newcomers. I do not want a sign that simply says "new arrivals" I want something catchy and cool. I had some very good signs in the past as "Get Hot For Summer", "Protect Your Family Research cool," Skip the Mall, Turn Here. "
If we had a surplus of clothing purple, even under a shield with the inscription: "Purp 4"
I'm running out of ideas. I would like to announce our new Plus Size Fashions, Men's, baby and children's clothing and junior / miss fashion. But I want to put more weight on the most.

This is what I so far

1. "Step your prey for fall '09"
2. "I know that this fall Crispy"
3. "Add a little warmth to your fall / winter wardrobe

Thanks in advance

BTW, I asked ┬║Research is the same. in the small bus. Article, but I have answers that spam. I report spammers

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  1. I like 1st

    Uh, but I could do something like this ... NVM well, but I would buy if the number 1 hadd